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Welcome to Townswomen's Guilds

Townswomen’s Guilds is one of the largest women’s organisations in the UK, with around 400 Guilds and 12,000 members. Guild members usually meet at least once a month to enjoy each others company, develop friendships, to get involved with events and crafts, to try new things and to campaigning on social issues. Every Guild is unique and can offer a diverse range of activities to suit you.

We asked our members what they thought about tg...

"Making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. Learning new skills and helping others with theirs. Feeling proud to belong to an organisation that supports and develops women through education, sharing and friendship." "TG has given me so many opportunities to attend such a various range of meetings, outings, holidays and of course very importantly make some great friendships. Also, the experience, knowledge and skills learnt at our monthly meeting is an education." "To me TG means that i have met and made friends with some lovely ladies I might have never met and always have someone to speak tot, lunch with, walk with, join in crafts with and so much more. It is lovely to be part of TG" "Belonging is most important. Having the choice to join in activities, making friends, and putting dates on the calendar to look forward to." "TG means to me friendship, support, contact and an antidote against loneliness as well as being able to enjoy a good conversation and have some fun" "Making friends with like-minded women locally in my Guild and from all over the country in TiG (Townswomen’s Internet Guild) meetings" "Friends are the family you choose for yourself - so TG is an extension of my own family. We know we are there for one another through good times and bad."
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There is always loads of great stuff going on at TG both nationally or at your local guild...here are a few highlights

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What are we fighting for?

We have always fought for womens rights, click to go to our Capaign Hub or jump to one of our current campaigns.

Responses to TG letters regarding 2018 mandates Since the AGM, TG has been in touch with various Government bodies to let them know about our mandates - here are some of their responses
National Education Union response to TG correspondence NEU joint General Secretary suggests ways in which TG members can help to champion the cause

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