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Chiltern & Castle Federation

More Information

We are a Federation of  4 guilds based in the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire region of the South of England. The furthest  and we have other guilds in Amersham, Burnham.   2 Maidenhead, (Cox Green,  and Highway. )  The guilds are of varying sizes,  largest Burnham who have 70 members. Burnham guild was founded 90.  years ago and other guilds are approaching 50+ years.

Our banner depicts our area with the Swans of Buckinghamshire, the crown and lion from the Berkshire coat of arms and in the central panel an outline of the Chiltern Hills, Windsor Castle and the river Thames which all feature in our area.

We are mentioned in the Organization Women book as one of our very prominent members Mrs Ruth Jewell, who served on the executive committee and was chairman of the public Questions and current affairs sub -committee back in the 1970s.

We are a very active Federation and often get together with surrounding Federations to organise events. For several years we have contested the Smalley Platten cup which was named after Mrs Smalley Platten who founded a lot of guilds in our area, and the cup is usually a competition for handcrafts, or horticultural events.

A few years ago we held our annual lunch at the Dorney Lake centre which is part of Eton College. The fee for hire of the facilities was a donation which then paid for a Pin Oak tree to be planted within the grounds. We have maintained a watchful eye on its growth and we are very proud that one of our contributions was part of the 2012 Olympic scenery when the centre was used for the rowing events.
This year our lunch was held at Bisham Abbey.

We always have a Christmas party with various themes and we hold a carol service every year in various churches of all denominations in the area.

We hold sport (indoor) afternoons and have entered competitors to the National scrabble contests and the GK quizzes.

We also have a very thriving and adventurous outings section, which organises holidays for the guilds, including short breaks which incorporate the AGM wherever it is in the UK.

Contact Details

Chairman Pat Semon psemon04@aol.com
Treasurer June Adam

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