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Sunderland & District Federation

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The newest Guild of the six that make up this Federation was formed three years ago. A highlight of the Federation calendar is the Annual Seaburn Horticultural Show with displays on 52 tables of craft, flower arranging and information about TG events in Sunderland.

Broadway is the newest Guild and joins in all Federation activities. Members bring friends to the 'happy meeting' - part of recruitment and promotion.

East Herrington, Tavistock and Tunstall Guilds are very supportive of all Federation events. Lunches, theatre trips and visits to places of interest are all part of the programme on offer to their members.

Seaham Central Guild has 68 members - the oldest member, Nance Graham, being 105. The Guild applies for grants that pay for the bus that collects members from outlying districts. A monthly TG magazine keeps everyone informed of Guild happenings.

South Bents Guild currently holds the Rose Bowl trophy for the most points at the Seaburn Show. Members attend the local school to help the children learn crafts, and to inform mothers about TG.

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