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The Townswomen's Guild Website Sitemap

If you are looking for a particular page on the website, use this sitemap to locate the page.

  • Home - Townswomen's Guilds are a leading women's social group in the UK. Our members enjoy a lifetime of friendship and fun. We pride ourselves on our involvement in local, national and global concerns and our fight to combat loneliness. Find your local friendship group
  • About TG - Find out about the women's organisation The Townswomens Guild
    • Chairmans' Message - The TG have been supporting women and fighting for women's rights since 1929. The current Chairman continue to push the organisation forward. Read the TG Chairman's message to all visitors of the website.
    • What We Do - What do TG friendship groups actually do? Find out why you should become a TG member, what fun you could have as member of the best women's group and find out how to make friends
    • People - Meet the staff of TG - they are always happy to help with your questions and queries.
      • TG Hierarchy - To ensure TG continues to be an invaluable organisation to its members we have a structured hierarchy.
      • The Board - Meet the board of the Townswomens' Guilds - a team of women with a unified focus to drive the membership forward and bring women together for friendship and fun.
      • Meet The Staff - Meet the staff of TG - they are always happy to help with your questions and queries. All staff are based at TGHQ in Birmingham apart from Kelli and Sara. Direct dial telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are given below.
      • Development Officers - Meet the development officers building TG membership and helping to bring women together socially
      • Our Honorary Members - Our Honorary Members have been selected for their impact on the world and principles. They have all had a positive impact during the fight for women's rights and equality
    • FAQs - FAQs from TG, the local friendship Group for Women
    • History and Culture - Read about the history of TG.
    • TG Constitutions & Guidelines - Read the TG Constitutions & Guidelines
    • Federations - Find out about the TG federations
    • Accounts and Annual Reports - A list of the TG accounts and annual reports
  • Become a Member - Interesting in becoming a member of TG? Find out how here
    • Join Us - Find out how to join the TG - the local membership group for women to socialise, find friends and have fun. Stop feeling lonely and make new friends.
    • General Information - General membership information for the organisation, the membership magazine, the local guilds
    • Associate Membership - Find out about associate membership of the Townswomens' Guild, the local womens social group for friendship
    • Townswomen's i-Guild - Townswomen's iGuild is an online friendship and social group for members to meet and talk online, nationally and locally.
    • Start a Guild - We are looking for women to help set up local social groups for women, we call Guilds. Guilds are a great way to make friends, socialise with other women and have fun. Do you think you could take on the challenge?
    • Find Your Local Guild - Find Your Local Townswomens' Guild, the local friendship group where you can make friends for life and socialise with other women
    • Honorary Membership - Vote for Honorary TG Members. Vote for influential women who have helped change the world for the better. Find out why we think they deserve membership of the best friendship group around
    • TG and the WI - TG and the WI, the women's institute, membership organisations. We are similar in many ways but here is a list of what makes TG different and the best friendship group for women
    • Townswomen's Student Guilds - Townswomen’s Students Guilds (TSG) are the little sister of Townswomen’s Guilds (TG). They’ve been designed to provide the same support, encouragement and social opportunity to women as TG’s do, in a university based context.
  • Using the Website - Tour the TG Website
  • What's Going On? - Find out what the Townswomen's Guilds are up to by viewing the events calendar
  • Campaigns - The Townswomens' Guilds lead a number of campaigns to help women all accross the world. Read about them here.
  • Activities - See the types of activites TG members get up to
    • Recipes - Search and view to read our recommended recipes.
    • Art & Crafts - Bored? Looking for something to do? Why not give one of our fun craft exercise a go.
      • Art & Crafts - Bored? Looking for something to do? Why not give one of our fun craft exercise a go.
      • Written Art - A page for members poems, stories and other forms of written art.
      • How to Craft Videos - Craft videos made by members of Townswomen's Guilds. Short videos for easy crafts.
    • Book Club - Why not join the TG book club to share reading fun?!
    • The Discovery Award - The Discovery Award is aimed at all peolpe over 50 years of age, to help promote an active and healthy lifestyle by offering challenges to both stimulate and motivate.
  • Members' Area - If you are a TG member, the Members' area contains valuable information
    • Log in to Members' Area - Townswomen's Guilds, women's organisations, suffragists, suffragettes
    • Four Week Forum - Four Week Forum is a brand new section of the Townswomen's Guilds Forum. Every four weeks, a new topic is ready to be discussed! Join in the conversation.
  • Shop - The TG shop is where you can buy TG items, order badges and event tickets.
  • News & Gallery - News