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Advertising Details

Through the pages of Townswoman you will reach intelligent, articulate, visionary women who lead busy, productive lives. They are discerning individuals with great passion and concern for their communities. They have excellent networks, they influence people and they get things done. These ladies are the members of Townswomen's Guilds.

Townswomen's Guilds, a professional organisation formed when women first won the right to vote, with the express aim of educating women about good citizenship. The organisation has stood the test of time and remains a powerful lobby on national and regional issues, fighting on a broad range of matters today that affect men and women alike.

Readers of this magazine are ahead of their time - Townswoman is for tomorrow's women today - and they make a difference.

Circulation - 17,000
Frequency - Quarterly: published in Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

To discuss how you can be part of this challenging and exciting culture would you please call Natalia Georgiou on 020 3771 7220 or Natalia.georgiou@thinkpublishing.co.uk   


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