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Emily Bronte: A life in 20 poems

Reviewed by TGHQ's Rhiannon Batsford

This brand-new exploration of Emily Bronte marks the bicentenary of her birth on 30 July 1818.

From the title, you would be forgiven for thinking that this would be an in-depth examination of Emily's poetry, with the 20 poems in question being the main focus of the rest of the book.

Fortunately - at least for those of us who left poetry analysis behind with their school days! - this is not the case. While each chapter does open with one of Emily's poems and does make references to how each one relates to specific moments in her life, the majority of the book simply lays out the history and personality of Emily, the events that shaped her and her inspirations for both her poetry and Wuthering Heights.

While Emily is naturally the main focus, the book touches on the lives of all members of the Bronte family, while shedding light on the relationships that mattered most to her. Whatever you might make of Wuthering Heights, poetry or the Brontes as a whole, this is definitely worth a read, as it paints a fascinating picture of Emily and the life she led.

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