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I Can't Begin To Tell You.

Recommended by Rosemary Hall from Cherry Hinton Guild.

Focusing on some of the women at the heart of the World War II war effort, this novel asks whether you would risk those closest to you to do what's right.

Find out more about World War II and how many women had divided loyalties between family and country. Kay is a British woman who lives with her husband in Denmark on his country estate. With two grown-up children and a wife, Bror will do anything to protect his family - even if he has to be on the same side as the Nazis.

Kay did not want to be part of the resistance movement. She was in a very difficult position when she had to entertain a German general and his wife at their home. We follow how Kay betrays Bror to work for the British Intelligence, with a Special Operations Executive agent who cannot even give her his name. Kay must risk everything and be tangled up in a world she never expected to enter. During this time she is very much alone.

A very clever and moving story to explore what happens and how the picture unfolds. An excellent story with very powerful characters.

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