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The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman

Recommended by Janet Lucas, Rickmansworth Eve Guild.

A hilarious and charming novel about the mysterious disappearance of an Englishman in Spain.

Atticus Craftsman, a 30-something Englishman who never travels without a supply of Earl Grey tea, is sent to Madrid by his father to close down a literacy magazine. However, they reckoned without the determination of the five ladies who run Librarte not to allow this to happen, even to the extent of kidnapping Atticus and taking him to the gypsy heart of Andalucía.

After not hearing from Atticus for three months, his father hires the incompetent, but enthusiastic Inspector Manchego to find him.

The thread of the varied lives of the ladies, Inspector Manchego and Atticus' family runs through the book, with surprises along the way.

All ends happily in this novel, which combines intrigue, humour and romance.

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