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The Summer Job

Reviewed by Jo Bird of Flixton Guild

Birdy Finch gets her dream job in a luxury Scottish hotel - but only by pretending to be someone else.

This light-hearted work of holiday romance fiction is about Birdy, a young woman who seems to have no idea about where her life is heading. Her best friend, Heather, a world-class wine expert, asks her to cancel an engagement for her. Birdy forgets to make the call and instead goes to the event in Heather's place, wearing Heather's name tag. This sets off a trail of lies and deceit. 

Can Birdy pull off this jaunt while also keeping her best friend's reputation - and their lifelong friendship - intact?

This book has a lot going on: insights about running a large hotel and putting together exciting menu's and wine lists. The staff's back stories are varied and interesting, but not overplayed.

I can't decide whether I liked Birdy, though. Having had a rough upbringing, she has a lot of issues, but I think she just wants to have an easy life without putting much effort in.  I do not understand why there was so much bad language; it did not fit with the characters. However, although I expected this to be a typical holiday book for reading on a beach, I was pleasantly suprised to discover that it is set in the highlands of Scotland, allowing you to escape to a beautiful part of the British Isles.

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