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Female Genital Mutilation

Townswomen’s Guilds urges HM Government to enforce and extend the existing legislation regarding FGM.

This mandate was passed in June 2014 at the TG AGM in Cardiff. Since then, TG has been committed to helping organisations involved in tackling the issue of FGM through invited speakers at many of our big events, including both International Women’s Day Luncheon and the AGM in 2015.

Such a deeply-ingrained practice will not disappear overnight but progress is being made and many African countries have now banned FGM - including Nigeria in June 2015 and Gambia a few months later, towards the end of November. Closer to home, in October the Prime Minister, David Cameron, spoke on his commitment to upholding the existing laws on FGM - and TG will be watching closely to see what comes of this promise.

Taking Action

Currently, we ask only that members continue to keep themselves informed and educated on the topic of FGM and how it pertains to their area. That being said, if the topic does arise in local media, please don't be afraid to voice your support for the victims and show you are not afraid to speak out against this practice - and if you can link up with a local group campaigning on FGM, all the better!


The Orchid Project

TG is proud to work with the Orchid Project, who have spoken at many of our events since the mandate was passed. Their website has some good ideas for what TG members can do to support this ongoing fight to eradicate FGM.


Mwenya Chimba of BAWSO spoke to delegates at the 2014 AGM where the mandate was first raised and voted on, and members were moved by how frankly she spoke of this delicate matter.

FGM National Clinical Group

In January 2015, Yana Riches OBE of the FGM National Clinical Group spoke to a group of TG members in Coventry, as a result of the mandate passed at the 2014 AGM. We hope other Guilds will also consider devoting at least one meeting to learning more about such an important topic.


Daughters of Eve
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