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Campaign Toolbox

In order for TG campaigns to succeed, member engagement is key - and in order to try to encourage more members to get involved and make their voices heard, we have put together a collection of templates and guidance documents for those needing a little extra help getting started.

Templates have been set up to allow them to be personalised. They should not typically be used as they are presented here, but exist to provide a framework for members to use for their own words and to include their own experiences.

If there is something specific you would like to see that isn't already here, please use the suggestion form at the bottom of the page to let us know, and we will see what we can do.


These templates and guidance notes have been designed to be relevant regardless of the campaign topic at hand and, as such, will always be available. The templates will need more editing than those designed for specific campaigns, but you are always welcome to contact Rhiannon at TGHQ if you need help - phone 0121 326 1974 or email rhiannon@the-tg.com

Full Mandates List
With almost 70 years' worth of mandates passed since TG first began looking beyond its initial goal of educating women in how to use their voting rights, it can be difficult to know if a topic you are concerned about is something which has already been addressed. This document details the wording of every mandate passed since 1953, and will be updated annually to include any new mandates passed that year.

TG Mandates 1953-present

​Guidance: Writing to your local MP and/or local councillor
Letter-writing is a great way to raise awareness of a campaign and to seek​ support from those with the power to make change happen, but it can be difficult to know where to start. This document sets out a for-reference-only template which shows what you should include in your letter and in what order, as well as other things to consider when it comes to contacting an MP or councillor.

Guidance on writing to MPs and Councillors

Campaign Specific

The templates and guidance notes that will appear in this section will be specifically tailored to apply to a particular campaign. These will be archived as they are deemed to be no longer useful; if you do find you need a document that is no longer here, please contact Rhiannon at TGHQ and she will arrange for a copy to be sent to you.

In Our Hands - Great Big Green Week posters
From 24th September until 2nd October, the Climate Coalition will be running their Great Big Green Week. The aim for this is for as many local communities as possible to host events and activities which will serve to raise awareness of the issue of Climate Change, and we would love for as many TG ladies as possible to get involved. Keep an eye on the TG Facebook page for ideas on how to get involved, or take a look at the Great Big Green Week website for more information.

In order to help you advertise your planned events and activities within your community, we have provided the following poster templates for you to add your event details and anything else you think will help to catch people's eyes - please do send us a photo of your finished poster as we would love to see what you all come up with and share them on this website and on social media.

Poster Template: A4 Landscape
Poster Template: A4 Portrait

In Our Hands - Show The Love letter
TG is supporting the Climate Coalition's Show The Love campaign, and we encourage members to do the same. Please use the below template to write to your MP and let them know about the campaign - you might like to print extra copies to share with Guild members, friends and family members if they would also like to voice their thoughts.

Show the Love - letter to MP
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