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Penny Ryan - TG ChairNational Chair - Penny Ryan

The role of Chair requires the ability to listen to others and to make decisions, and it takes stamina. The last is particularly true of the National Chair who spends a lot of time travelling. I hope that I have those qualities.  

TG is a member lead organisation, but in the last few years we have had too few volunteers for the role of Trustee to hold elections. This year the NEC starts with only eight members. This limits what we can do and increases the work- load of individuals, it also means that Trustees are less likely to represent members of all ages, backgrounds and locations.

We regularly invite members to step forward as Trustees but get little response. But, if you have skills you could offer in any area but don’t want the full commitment of a Trustee could you volunteer for a specific task?

The list of opportunities currently includes:

• Recruitment and guild development in your City or County;
• Organising local events for Trustees to meet members in your area;
• Helping with campaigns; and
• Working on the magazine.
All volunteers will be fully supported by TG Trustees or staff and commitments can be short term. If there is something you would be prepared to help with whether listed or not –email contact@the-tg.com with “I can help with……” in the subject line.

Only if we all work together can we keep making women’s lives better.