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About TG and Membership

We have Guild's across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Wight which meet at regular monthly meetings held in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Their annual programmes include speakers, demonstrations and social activities. A list of some individual Guilds' programme of events and their own web sites are given on their Guild pages.

Townswomen also get involved in many sports and leisure activities, from line dancing to public speaking, from drama to arts and crafts, from music to sports. Members can start up new activities.

In addition to the regular meetings, you can become involved in our national events (see our Events section) with conferences on a wide range of subjects, art & craft workshops and a variety of sport and leisure activities that are held around the country.

However if membership of a Guild is not an option for you, then Associate membership enables you to become a Townswoman and to take part in our national events.

Our magazine 'Townswoman' (2 issues per year) and TG Together Newsletter (4 issues per year, distributed by email), will give you additional information on past and future events that are being arranged as well as being packed full of news, stories and other information.

In addition the TG website will enable Members to gain instant access to up to the minute news and information.

Townswomen also mount a strong lobby on national and regional issues, offer each other support and develop new skills and interests.

We are confident that there will be something there for you to enjoy!

So join us now without delay.