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Give as you live

Keeping our affiliation fees down is important to us all. One way we can do this is to raise donations and seek legacies.

Give as you Live offers a painless way of donating for those who shop online through any of their 6,000 plus stores.

How does it work?

First you need to sign up to Give as you Live  by visiting their website here (https://www.giveasyoulive.com/).

Before you press the green button to sign up, have a look at the information on the page.

When you are ready to sign up press the green button and you will be asked to enter your name and create a password.  You can also opt in or out of emails from Give as you Live before pressing the crate account button.

The next screen allows you to choose your Charity. Many Guilds and Federations have signed up but most are not actively receiving funds, we would obviously like you to sign up to Townswomen’s Guild itself. Once you have pressed the green “support us “ button, the next screen will offer the chance to download an icon like this which will appear when you start browsing online sites that are part of the scheme. 


Click on the icon when it appears and the shop site will recognise that you are in the scheme when you shop and automatically donate to us.

The amounts raised are often very small, but together add up. It costs you nothing, it costs TG nothing.

I don’t really want to sign up to a scheme.

We understand that, so click on the button below and it will take to our Give as you Live page. Here you can choose where to shop and get a discount without being registered. On that site there is also a pink copy of the icon which allows you to make a donation to us. For donations we do receive your gift after a deduction of charges, please do not feel you must add something to cover this.

Are there any other ways I can donate?

Yes you can send us a cheque at any time. If this is in memory or celebration of a member, do let us know so we can record their details.

We have also now added a donation option on the shop menu which will enable you to make card donations to us without additional charges.

Note: TG holds none of your bank account details. All payments are held by Stripe, an organisation regulated under banking laws.   

Click here to donate now