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Joining TG - friendship groups for Women 


You can become a Member of Townswomen's Guilds by EITHER joining your local Guild OR by becoming an Associate Member.

What can TG offer me? Click here to find out

GUILD MEMBERSHIP - fees set by each individual Guild

We have Guild's across England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Wight where you can become involved in interesting, informative events and activities and meet new friends.

To find out more about joining your local Guild and to see which is most convenient in terms of location, day and time of meeting, click here  'Find Your Local Guild'  or if you know the Guild you want to join click here for the link 'A-Z of Guilds' Go along and see what they do as a Visitor (a small fee may be required). Please ask the Guild to advise you of this and any other conditions that may be applicable. You will be assured of a warm welcome!

A list of some individual Guilds' programme of events and their own web sites are given in the section Events, Guild Focus.

Also take a look in the Events section of this web site under National Calendar and see all the National events that you can also attend: these include International Women's Day, Carol Services, Conferences, Luncheons and Crown Green Bowls.

We also have a useful booklet for new members: Membership booklet

Should none be convenient, you have two other options which are:

   - Becoming an Associate member - see below

   - Starting your own Guild.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - £20.00 for the year to 31st January 2025

If you are NOT a member of a Guild you can still be involved in our Organisation by taking out Associate membership. This allows you to attend any individual local Guild meeting by paying the Guild's normal visitor fee (usually at least £3 a meeting) and you can attend National events such as International Women's day, Carol Services, Conferences, Luncheons and Crown Green Bowls, at the members rate if the event is open to the public.

You will receive two issues of the Townswoman magazine and four newsletters a year, in which TG highlights awareness of relevant issues, as well as being filled with TG news and items of more general interest. As an Associate member you have an equal voice on selecting campaigns and influencing debates as Guild members do.

Whichever membership option you choose we look forward to welcoming you into Townswomen's Guilds 

Interested in joining?

If you've made your mind up and you want to join TG - FANTASTIC! Please click below and we will get someone to give you a call.

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