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Each year, we ask members to send us proposals for campaigns they would like to see TG embark on. These are discussed and voted on at the AGM, and successful mandate proposals allow us to speak out on the topics concerned and add our voices to the campaign.

Here, you will find information about the mandate proposals which will be brought to this year's AGM, which we hope will help to steer discussion and aid Guilds in determining how they will vote.

You will also find the form to submit mandate proposals, along with information on the process. The form will be available at all times.

Latest Mandate Proposal

The 2022 mandate was passed by a unanimous vote - please see the Charity and community banking campaign topic for more information. Proposals for the 2023 AGM will be listed in early 2023, once they have been agreed by the Trustees.

  • Submission Form

    Submission Form

    We welcome suggestions for mandate proposals throughout the year. Please keep the following in mind:

    For a proposal to be considered for a given year's AGM, it must be received by TGHQ by the end of December of the previous year. For example, submissions for 2023's AGM must be received by December 2022.

    Proposals are more likely to be chosen if they are: of national relevance; are not covered by an existing mandate; likely to still be relevant (and not resolved) by the time of the AGM they are to be discussed at; include a solution that can serve as the focus of the campaign action should the mandate proposal be passed.

    Proposals at this stage do not have to include exact wording - so long as we can easily understand what the issue is, and what the proposed solution is, that will suffice. If a mandate proposal is chosen to take forward to the AGM, TGHQ will liaise with the proposer to ensure both sides are happy with the final wording, before it is made known to the membership as a whole.

    It will be assumed that a Guild submitting a proposal is intending to send at least one member to the AGM in order to act as a proposer on the day; seconders may come from the same or a different Guild, but it is helpful if this can be arranged by the proposing Guild. Proposers and seconders will be asked to speak for up to two minutes and up to one minute respectively, explaining why they chose to submit or support the proposal. Guidance on this is available from HQ on request.