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The One Sock Show

Step up, step up! This year, instead of a competition we have decided to arrange an exhibition called “The One Sock Show” at this year’s AGM in Sheffield. We want you all to get creative and make us a sock – just the one, no pairs please! – so that we can display our collection of odd socks in exhibition at the AGM. The sock may be made in any media so long as it is three-dimensional (no paintings or photographs please), can be made to any theme and can be any size up to a maximum of 10 inches from heel to welt – so make sure you put your best foot forward when creating yours.

Socks must be sent to TGHQ along with your name, member ID and Guild name, to arrive no later than Monday 8th May 2017 to give us time to consider how best to arrange what we receive. There is no entry fee to participate in the exhibition; however, please be aware that we will not be able to return the socks after the AGM as we are hoping for this to become a travelling exhibition. Perhaps it will turn up in your local library, civic centre, Guild meeting venue or a place of interest in your area.

So, ladies: please pull up your socks and put a sock in it! (‘It’ being our exhibition, of course!).

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