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Soroptomists launch survey about UK modern slavery

The Soroptomists have launched a survey to be carried out for this week only, investigating knowledge and awareness of the UK populace in regards to Modern Slavery, what it means and how to identify and report it. 

As fellow members of the Six-O (a collaboration between six of the UK's largest women's organisations), we want to do all we can to support this survey and so we would urge everyone reading this - member or non-member - to click here and take the time to fill out the survey. Your answers will be entirely anonymous; you do not even have to give your own email address if you do not want to (or do not have one) as there is one provided on the form for you to use instead - this does mean that you won't get a receipt to say your responses have been received, if that matters to you.

The survey will only run until Saturday 7th October so time is of the essence - and we would also ask you please to spread the word to fellow members, friends and family to get as many responses as possible before the survey closes. TG will receive a copy of the results once they are available and we will update you once this is the case with either a summary or a link to the Soroptomists' own, depending on what they would prefer.

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