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Toolbox: How to submit a mandate

How to submit a topic for discussion at the AGM

Every year, the Trustees must choose possible campaigning topics to the AGM in order for the proposals to be voted on by delegates. These topics are chosen from submissions made by members, which are collated and discussed at the January board meeting. Often, we receive more topics than we are able to bring to the AGM and the Trustees therefore have to decide upon topics based on particular criteria. The most likely reasons for a topic to be rejected are:

1. TG already has a mandate which would cover the topic in question. We also try to avoid discussing similar topics too closely together.

2. The topic is more of a local issue than one which could be raised nationally

3. The proposal calls for legislation which is either already in place or is likely to be overtaken by pending legislation

4. The topic will otherwise become redundant before or immediately after the AGM (keeping in mind topics are chosen six months beforehand)

5. The proposal is merely a motion expressing an opinion about which nothing can be done and is unlikely to inspire much in the way of debate and/or follow-up activity

6. It is unclear from the submission what the core point of the proposal is.

If you are uncertain whether a topic would be suitable, you can always contact Rhiannon at TGHQ who will be able to give you advice.

Other things to consider when submitting your proposal:

1. If your topic is chosen, someone from your Guild or Federation will be required to be at the AGM to propose the topic on the day and we will also ask you for someone to second the topic.

2. Prospective speakers will be sourced by HQ, however if you have any potential contacts these would be gratefully received.

3. The more details you can provide us with, the better – if there is not enough room on the proposal form, we encourage you to include additional sheets.

4. In order to be considered for a particular AGM, your submission must be received at TGHQ no later than the end of December of the previous year.

Topics may be submitted by email or by post, using the downloadable Mandate Proposal Form (item 26), or you can use the Online Proposal Form - please note you will need to be logged in to access both of these.

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