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Day 1 - Setting Sail

I can't believe how badly prepared I am for this holiday. My packing wasn't completed until after midnight, and I haven't done my usual research. Still the train journey to Newcastle was perfect - in contrast to every other journey I've made recently - it even arrived on time.

We had been warned that today was the day of the Great North Run and to allow longer to get to the port, but there was no shortage of taxis and the roads were clear, even if the route was diverted.

I started bumping into members at check in, and it didn't take long to find my fellow Trustees, Marilyn, Beryl and Connie, and to sustain myself with afternoon tea my favourite meal! Lifeboat drill followed - we're all in different boats which is good for TG! Then we were off, slowly at first but gathered speed as we passed the long crew of runners and supporters from the Great North Run as they waited for a ferry, my sister and her husband among them!

I've already met several members who seem to know me, and we were joined at dinner by two ladies from Sutton Coldfield Banners Gate. The food was great and the service impeccable. Now I have to sharpen my brain for the evening quiz.

More tomorrow.

Penny Ryan, National Chair

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