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Day 2 - Cruising across the North Sea

A day at sea as we travel to Oslo. A beautiful morning with calm seas. Late breakfast for me – with a choice of 4 restaurants you can breakfast at any time between 7 and 11:30 am. I was joined by a member and we lingered rather too long, so much so I nearly missed a cruise highlight. Edwina Currie was the speaker chosen by former Trustee Jan Collins so I would have been delighted that the theatre was full, except that it meant I had to stand. Edwina was an excellent speaker, just the right mix of humour and (very) little politics, her subject – Growing Old Disgracefully (GOD) for short(!).

Time then for some fresh air. One side of the ship was very blustery but the other was delightfully warm and sunny, so I spent quite a while reading in the sunshine.

This afternoon TG trustees hosted their first of two craft sessions, open to both members and other guests. About 60 ladies joined us to create paper boxes, make bookmarks, knit hats for TG Ted (especially for his Scandinavian outing) and to knit or crochet small squares for a blanket. The afternoon sped by with a hum of chatter and laughter as we made new friends and had something to show for it.

A formal dinner this evening saw everyone looking very glamourous, even the meal was served more formally. The menu is excellent, it is really hard to choose. Over dinner we watched the rain begin and the waves become a little larger. I hope this doesn’t bode ill for our visit to Oslo tomorrow.

Biggest frustration so far is the internet connection. This is the second time I have written this post, Last time it disappeared, just as I was about to send.

Second is a problem with the TV to the ship so I am missing all the news, or is that a good thing? A week away from Brexit may not be so bad!

With all the delicious food and wonderful service I am feeling quite spoilt and it is just as well my cabin is on deck 5 at the front and most things happen on decks 7-11 – at the back, so plenty of exercise.

Until tomorrow...
Penny Ryan, National Chair

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