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Day 5 - Colourful Copenhagen

Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen says TG Ted

As his legs were so tired from all the walking that he did yesterday in Helsingborg, TG Ted decided to take a Hop on Hop off bus tour as he could then decide which places to look around without doing a lot of walking, or so he thought.

He got off at No 2 on the tour map, Nyhavn, a lovely old world harbour with lots of colourful buildings, bikes, cafes and boats with plenty to see. He didn’t think it was far to a coffee shop that he liked the look of and so off he went strolling along the promenade. After all you can’t be in Denmark and not have a Danish Pastry can you?

Around the corner was The Royal Cast Collection, and saw outside the statue of David by Michael Angelo. Wasn’t that supposed to be in Florence, he thought?

On he strolled but couldn’t see the bus anywhere to get back on so he continued along the promenade and came to a notice board with information about The Little Mermaid, but where was she. Oh yes, on the rock with lots of people taking photos of her.

When he looked around, there behind him was the bus, so he got on. It set off but when he looked at his map the place numbers didn’t match the ones that the driver was calling out. Oh no, he’d got on the wrong bus. Both were red double deckers, so it was an easy mistake to make.

He decided to stay on and see if he recognised any buildings that he had seen before. He went past the National Gallery and remembered that one, and the Tivoli Gardens. He saw the wonderful spire made up of three twisted dragons, and thought, yes they were going in the right direction.

As the bus went along, he was very impressed with all the people, young and old who were riding bikes. Also he liked the plants growing on the tops of the bus shelters. There were a lot of parks and green spaces as well so he thought it must be a good place to live and It certainly is a wonderful city to visit.

At last the bus was near to the Balmoral Cruise Ship. Thank goodness thought TG Ted, I can get off, have a nice rest in the sunshine, and be ready for another adventure tomorrow.


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