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Day 8 - Homeward Bound

The fact that we could not go to Arendal on Saturday should have rung more alarm bells than it did.
Not long after turning in on Saturday night the weather became windier and soon built up to force 8. Waves crashing against portholes, and the ship creaking fractured sleep, and it was as if we were on a roller coaster lying down. Venturing to breakfast gave a taste of things to come. There were fewer staff and fewer passengers around and white bags were fixed behind the hand rails.

The ship seemed far more steady on level 7, towards the rear than it had done forward on level 5. But walking was not easy, a few steps before a balance check was the best we could do. 2:15 saw the hardiest TG ladies turn out for a group photo. Sadly there were some members who needed to spend the whole day in bed. Many of the hardier ladies then joined us for our second craft session, once arrived however, we tended to remain glued to our seats. By the end of our session the direction of rocking had changed form front to back to side to side. In my cabin this meant that draws in my chest opened and closed themselves repeatedly.

Dinner on deck 10 was less animated than usual. Several Guests were missing and others left after the first course. Wave sizes were still alarming and there seemed to be no end in sight. By this point the captain had told us the storm was slowing our progress and we were unlikely to reach home on time. Further announcements told us breakfast would also be a little later than advertised. By this time fighting the movement was becoming very tiring and only a small number turned out for the evening's show. What had been billed as a variety became a two man show, and the Comedian had to retire to his bed after the first part of the act, leaving the violinist to manage alone. Very little alcohol was drunk during the course of the evening as passengers retired early to their beds.

My sea bands had served me well throughout the day but faced with packing I crumbled-My normal method of packing forsaken as I threw everything into the bag and left it out for collection. Two piriton tablets and I was out for the count.

This morning I woke to my alarm and blessed quietness and we had just entered the Tyne. We had made up a little time and berthed only 4 hours later than scheduled. Some people even managed to catch their original trains! Now its back to solid ground.

The last day showed a different side to life at sea, but the crew were marvellous, clearly trained for such situations, standards remained high through out and those of us who remained mobile through out shared shy smiles with crew members.

Thank you for joining us through the blog. If your Guild had any one on the trip why not press them to give a talk to the Guild?

TG Ted with the ship's Captain and Cruise Director

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