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80s Night

In 1983, Cindy Lauper told us that ‘Girls just want to have fun’ and we proved her right at our 80s night on 19th August.

We were a cheerful group with some of our number clad in 80s ‘going out’ favourites of bright wigs, leg warmers and fingerless gloves plus oversized earrings and clusters of necklaces. We were asked to consider our 1980s style and ponder on some big questions of the time like Who shot J.R? Was Michael Fish right when he said there would be no storm? Could Alvin Stardust teach you how to cross the road, when seen wearing a glove with a ring on the outside of it? And was a bum bag the best way to keep your valuables safe?

There were smiles at fashion photos showing power suits with big shoulder pads, lycra leotards and parachute suits. Neon make-up to complement sleek wavy hair, curly perm mullets and wax spiked locks. There were reminders of the fashion influencer Madonna, total clothes styles of the New Romantics, punks and the first designer jeans with pre-made holes in them.

Guests had been asked to vote for their 3 favourite songs from a list of 15 of the greatest songs of the 80s and watched the videos of their top 7, which were ‘Karma chameleon’ by Culture Club, ‘Uptown Girl’ by Billy Joel, ‘I just called to say I love you’ by Stevie Wonder, ‘Wake me up before you go-go’ by Wham!, ‘Sweet dreams (are made of this)’ by the Eurythmics, ‘Take on me’ by a-ha and ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ by Whitney Houston.

They needed refreshment after joining in with many of the songs and a seated action-dance version of ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ by The Bangles. Help with appropriate drinks was provided by Sara Trayers who, as the cocktail bartender for the evening, demonstrated how to make versions of three of the most popular 80s cocktails, a Pina Colada, Bloody Mary and Sex on the Beach with all the fruit and veg, straws and umbrella decorations that went with them.

A discussion took place about how well everyone could recall the words of the songs used this evening and how lively they were compared to the types of song which we were presented with on community singing sheets. There was loud agreement that we would prefer to have those from the 1940s and earlier replaced by the hits of the 80s we’d had fun with this evening.

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