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A Play in October

 On Thursday 14th October 2021, the ‘TG Players’ trod the Zoom boards once more to put on the play, ‘A Secret Life’ by Horry Parsons.

This was about Freda and her two daughters trying to organise a secret This is Your Life for her husband's retirement party but they have to battle the plumbing, the nosey neighbour and a deaf vicar. Can they keep the secret without losing the plot?
Here is what the cast had to say about the play and their part in it.

Janice Collins

I love being in the TG Players. When I first joined TG over 40 years ago the guild I belonged to Wimborne evening, who had an amdram group. We regularly entered local competitions and sometimes even won! I have missed it but now can join in with others from all over the country, having a good time. The best bit? Not having to learn reams of words, not sure I could remember them all now. 

Penny Ryan

I played the elderly vicar who married Freda and Bill so was invited to be part of this is your life. I was forty then but 80 now. Age hasn't been that kind to me, my hearing is dreadful and I think I'm losing some of my marbles too. But I still like to party and have a hat for every occasion!

Hazel Barrett

I play Jean Hopkins, daughter of Bill Hopkins. I try to arrange a surprise 'This is your life' section to dad's retirement party, by secretly phoning people who know my dad! Whilst also trying to avoid the nosey neighbour from finding out anything, including the fact that even a party is being planned, possibly spoiling the whole event!

Chris Hyatt

I play Zoe Hunter, smart Businesswoman from the Grand Hotel. I was thrilled to have this part as if I could have chosen this would have been the one for me.

The TG Players is a group of very friendly members from throughout TG and work well together. The casting for a 'Secret Life' and our previous Murder Mystery Play have been well thought out by the Director. Obviously, they know us very well.

 Performing on Zoom is quite different from a face-to-face production however it provides pleasure to a much wider audience and the cast go to amazing efforts to create believable characters

Cheryl May

Lockdowns curtailed everyday pastimes, like going to the theatre, and for me, performing on stage. It has been an absolute joy to take part in the Townswomen Guild Players online streamed performances. With a wide range of costumes and props from my am dram hobby to hand, I was able to utilise them in the productions. I have played Jaffar, the baddie in Beryl Hales’ panto, Detective Inspector Mayday in my murder mystery play and now played Nosy Nora in a one act comedy. If it weren't for these online rehearsals and plays I wouldn't have 'met' such a lovely group of ladies. It would be so lovely to meet my fellow TG thespians face to face at the AGM is June.

Marilyn Tomlinson

Joining in with the TG Players is a revelation. Working with multiple people on Zoom is not simple and hiccups are the ‘norm’ but in some ways that adds to the event.

Remembering lines isn’t my forte (I easily get lost in the scripts), so I was happy to be in the supporting role by way of illustrations and background sound effects. Much more my cup of tea!

Personally, I have not been involved in drama groups before, so I am learning ‘slowly’ to lose my inhibitions and simply enjoy the fun and camaraderie of a super bunch of people.

Jo Bird

Jo did an amazing job with her costume to play ex-RSM Braggart, Commissionaire at The Odeon and terror of the Saturday afternoon kids, especially those under eleven trying to get into an ‘A’ film.

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