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Where information in different updates conflicts, please act according to the most recent updates.

TG and Covid-19

LATEST UPDATE - UPDATE 3 - 19th March 2020

UPDATE 3  /  19th MARCH 2020

TG and Covid-19 

What about National events?

The General Knowledge Quiz Final has now been rescheduled for 29th October.  

The National AGM has now been rescheduled for 30th September. A mailing to those Guilds and Federations who have already booked for the AGM is being posted today, 19th March.

PREVIOUS UPDATE - UPDATE 2 - 17th March 2020

Please read the following information with regard to the Coronavirus:

TG and Covid- (Coronavirus) Update 2.pdf

UPDATE 2  /  17th MARCH 2020

TG and Covid-19

This update is given after the Government’s advice issued on Monday 16 March.

The population in general and those over 70 in particular are now advised to limit social contact and avoid travel on public transport. Those over 70 are being asked to self-isolate in the next few days.

We continue to urge everyone not to be alarmist. The proportion of those testing positive remains low, and the death rate is even lower. Government has instructed us to wash hands frequently and thoroughly, or use hand sanitiser, and avoid touching our faces.

Should we carry on holding our Guild meetings?   

We must now advise that meetings are suspended for the next 12 weeks.

What about our Guild AGM?

Record a minute to the effect that the AGM has been deferred because of the Coronavirus – hold a brief AGM when meetings begin again.

Guild Committee meetings?

With no Guild meetings these will not be needed. However, the committee should ensure that there is regular telephone contact with members. This can be achieved through buddy systems, telephone trees or round robins. Do encourage younger fitter members to take part in community support schemes if they are able to.

If at all possible, we would appreciate all Guilds letting us have an email contact. This enables us to get information and advice out quickly and cheaply. Postal Workers will be as vulnerable to the virus as others and the post may be disrupted.

Will the national office remain open?

We hope that the office will remain open for as long as possible, but arrangements are being made for emails to be accessed remotely and phones switched to home numbers. Please be patient with us and check the website for update information.

What about National events?

The TG Quiz final will be postponed until the Autumn – teams will be notified as soon as alternative arrangements can be made. Spectator tickets will be transferred to the postponed event.

The National AGM is now only 13 weeks away but is outside the current isolation period. The Trustees are looking at various options we might take, but it is highly likely that this will also need to be postponed.


We have been asked by members if subscriptions can be refunded. The local element is a decision for Guilds having regard to whether they are able to save costs. Nationally we cannot refund affiliation fees and would like to receive all that have been collected so far as soon as possible please. As Trustee business is being conducted virtually, we will not be able to make refunds by cheque. Please provide bank account details if a refund is needed as we can make transfers more efficiently.  We expect magazines to be sent out as normal and will do our best to fulfil shop purchases as quickly as usual.


We have produced some ideas to make your self-isolation more positive and will be adding to these. Watch the website and /or Facebook for details. Remember that ToGether we can…..

PREVIOUS UPDATE - UPDATE 1 - 10th March 2020

TG and Covid- 19 (Coronavirus).pdf

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