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The Origins of TG Colours

There are two colour schemes associated with TG, which have both been used at various times over the years:
Few people realise now how the suffrage movement spread its influence throughout the women's organisations. The Women's Institutes took a lot from the NUSEC including the red, white and green colours which they share with the National Union of Townswomen's Guilds. (The red, white and green originally were taken from the freedom badge of Italy, the symbolism being red for courage to tackle problems, white for faith in the their endeavours and green for hope that the endeavours would be successful, It was the militants who chose green, white and purple which are more often associated with the suffrage agitation.)

Mary Stott, 'Organization Woman – The Story of the National Union of Townswomen's Guilds'

NUTG TG badge  - hand stitched to TG colours Book by mary scott - organization woman

There have also been a variety of badges and symbols, including our latest, launched in 2014.

TG badge designed in 2014
Here are some older badges and logos:

older Townswomen logo

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