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Take a leaf out of our book


As part of our ‘In our Hands’ campaign focusing on the climate crisis, we are planning to show our commitment to change by attending the UN Climate Change conference in Glasgow.

We’d also like to deliver the message that TG members are backing the UNs plans for change. We want the message to take the form of crafted leaves made by our great members.

Why “take a leaf out of our book”?
We have pulled together ten simple things that all members can do to help save the planet. And we hope to use the leaves our members create to encourage other people to ‘take a leaf out of our book’ and commit to doing something to help save the planet. Download your copy, below

Delivering the message

While we would have loved to make the journey to Glasgow due to the uncertainty that has surrounded the Covid-19 pandemic we are instead planning a virtual journey.

To help us record our progress via social media we would like you to send us pictures of you and your leaf pledges at local landmarks to simulate our virtual journey to Glasgow. We would also like photos or videos of you using sustainable transport so send us your pictures of you riding a bike, riding a horse, riding a skateboard, paddling a boat, taking a train or simply car-sharing and we'll let the world know. 

How can our members help
We want to deliver as many leaves as possible - so we are asking members and non members either post their leaves to the Birmingham office or meet us along the route to hand them over.
Download your leaf template, below

Making a pledge as a non-member
We want to encourage as many people to make a pledge as possible, so we are offering virtual pledges online - for those who are not TG members, or those who do not wish to make a leaf. Make your pledge online, via the box below

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