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What is a TSG?

Townswomen’s Students Guilds (TSG) are the little sister of Townswomen’s Guilds (TG). They’ve been designed to provide the same support, encouragement and social opportunity to women as TG’s do, in a university based context.

So, who are TG?

TG is a membership organisation for women, meeting locally as Guilds to make friends and engage in activities. TG has an amazing past with roots in the 19th century Suffragist movement who campaigned peacefully alongside the Suffragettes for ‘Equal Rights for Women’. 90 years later they’re still supporting women with Guild's across the UK. TG remains one of Britain’s leading women’s groups and are proud of their heritage and involvement with national and global concerns and continue each year to campaign on a important issues.

Continuing the Values

TSG will maintain the heritage and values of TG through supporting women and using the voice TG have fought to establish. These ideologies will be promoted by the younger generation in these guilds, involving students in the continuing fight for women’s rights and opportunities. TSG aim to provide the opportunity for young women to participate in making a change and voicing their opinions on local, national and global concerns. There will be an equally important focus on small scale progress, encouraged by activities like skills workshops and social events.

What a TSG membership includes; 

• TSG Membership card and button badge
• Insurance for injury on TSG activities (subject to exclusion list)
• Support of TG members for their programme activities
• Emailed newsletter with appropriate selected magazine features
• A link to the National TG board
• Opportunity to vote at the AGM and put forward topics for discussion
• Student member’s discount at National events.
• The right to attend any TG as a TSG visitor - capped at £3 per visit (so you can continue to be involved when you return home during holidays)
• A TSG members area on the website with useful information and editable marketing templates
• Access to online TSG forum
• Access TSG social media pages, including Facebook to allow you to be in contact with other group members and vote for the upcoming events being held by the guild.

TSG Activities;

There are no rules as to what activities a TSG should do - it’s really completely up to you! Each member of the guild can propose activities and it is up to the membership to collectively vote on what gets done. Here are some examples of what you could do with your local guild;
  • Film screenings
  • Adventure Activities
  • Book Club
  • Quiz Nights
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Nights In
  • Protests
  • Debates
  • Guest Speakers
  • Nights Out
  • Fundraising Events

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