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Townswomen's Student Guilds


What is a TSG?

Townswomen’s Students Guilds (TSG) are the younger sister of Townswomen’s Guilds (TG). They’ve been designed for women over 16 studying in higher and further education and aim to provide the same support, encouragement and social opportunity to women as TG’s do.    

So, who are TG?

TG is a membership organisation for women, who usually meet locally as Guilds to make friends and engage in activities. TG has an amazing past with roots in the 19th century Suffragist movement who campaigned peacefully alongside the Suffragettes for ‘Equal Rights for Women’. 90 years later we are still supporting women across the UK. TG remains one of Britain’s leading women’s groups and are proud of their heritage and involvement with national and global concerns and continue to campaign on important issues.

Continuing the Values

TSG will maintain the heritage and values of TG through supporting women and using the voice TG fought to establish. These ideologies will be promoted by a younger generation in these guilds, involving students in the continuing fight for women’s rights and opportunities. TSG will provide the opportunity for women students to participate in making a difference, to make women’s lives better and voice their opinions on local, national and global concerns. There will be an equally important focus on personal development, encouraged by activities like skills workshops and social events.

TSG – Make a difference

We are confident that being a part of a TSG and the wider TG community will help make a difference to members well-being. The World Health Organisation includes participation in the community as a way of improving the health and well-being of those taking part, their families and other members of the community. We encourage TSG members to volunteer because it is widely acknowledged that this provides opportunities for social interaction which benefits both mental and physical health. 

Make a TSG your TSG

Groups are run by members, for members. There are no hard and fast rules for running your TSG, as long as you stick to the basic principles of TG. We are offering a starter programme to help TSGs look at how they can make a difference to other women.You plan your meetings to suit yourselves but we provide a challenge to get you started. You can meet in person, via the secure i-guild area of our website, or by using a mixture of both. TSG members should have access to an internet enabled device. You can name your TSG whatever you like as long as TSG is incorporated in the title. Have a look at the TSG information on our website.TSG members pay an annual subscription to our Headquarters after their second visit to a TSG meeting. The annual subscription is currently £10 for a full year but reduces as the year progresses. Sara, our National Recruitment Officer, is happy to help you join us and she will offer your TSG individual support. (sara@the-tg.com) 

What a TSG membership includes; 
• TSG Membership card and button badge
• Full access to the TG website
• Insurance for injury on TSG activities (subject to an exclusion list)
• Support of TG members for their programme activities
• Emailed newsletter with appropriate selected magazine features
• A link to the National TG board
• Opportunity to take part in the AGM and put forward topics for discussion• Student member’s discount at National events.
• A TSG members area on the website with useful information and editable marketing templates
• Access to an online TSG forum
• Access to TSG social media pages, including Facebook to allow you to be in contact with other group members and vote for the upcoming events being held by the guild.TSG Activities;Each member of the TSG can propose activities and it is up to the membership to collectively vote on what gets done. Here are some examples of what you could do with your

TSGAdventure Activities

Book Club
Quiz Nights
Film club
olunteering Opportunities
Nights In
Guest Speakers
Nights Out
Fundraising Events

When you have settled in to TSG you can:
·Set up a TSG Facebook page and twitter account to let people know who your Group is and what you plan to do
·Contact Jo to put your information in the A – Z Townswomen’s GuildsJoanne@the-tg.com
·Recruit distant friends to join you
·Get to know your TG Trustee (Beryl Hales beryl.tg@outlook.com)
·Keep in touch and join in with what’s happening with TG It’s OK if some people come to two meetings before becoming a member.

It’s OK for more people to join after you have started. 

Basic Principles      

TG is open to all women over the age of 16 regardless of their background or beliefs. TSG is open to all women students in further or higher education over the age of 16 regardless of their background or beliefs

We are not Party Political or affiliated to a particular religion or denomination. However, the meaning of small “p” political is to seek to influence for change and we can do that.

The objects of TG as a movement include supporting women through: advancing education, development of individual capabilities, competences and skills; educating in citizenship and the promotion of civic responsibilities and volunteering; and providing facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation, including creative and performance arts and crafts. We sum this up as making women’s lives better.

We can also fundraise for charitable causes that make women’s lives better if we want to.

We respect one another, and enjoy our differences and our similarities. We maintain confidences and support and encourage each other in good times and not so good times.

*For our purposes, a woman is defined as someone who lives as a woman, is accepted in the community as a woman and defines themselves as a woman. Our definition is not defined by a person’s biology at birth. 

TSG and Covid-19

We are encouraging TSG members to meet via the secure i-guild area of our website. Contact our National Recruitment Officer Sara Trayers Sara@the-tg.com for more information. 

Follow our social media accounts to keep up to date with the latest TSG news

If you’re interested in TSG, would like to join or start a guild at your university, please complete the enquiry form below and we will get someone to give you a call.

  • Check the box if you are happy to receive marketing messages from us exclusively regarding services and promotions we offer. We always keep your personal information safe and secure and we never sell it to third parties. For our Privacy Policy please email contact@the-tg.com

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