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Updated: Tuesday 5th January 2021
 *The information is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief as of 5/1/21*

New rules from the Government are now in force, please click on the attached for information on the latest national lockdown:

National Lockdown Guidance: Stay at Home

Previous Information issued to TG members is as below.  

Regrettably for the duration of the current pandemic Guilds cannot meet in their traditional ways.

The population is now advised to limit social contacts and avoid travel on public transport. 

Those over 70 and everyone with frail immune systems are being asked to shelter themselves at home. We continue  to urge everyone not to be alarmist. The proportion of those testing positive remains low, and the death rate remains even lower. To avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the NHS we should all follow these guidelines and avoid having accidents in the home.

Government has instructed us to wash hands frequently and thoroughly, or use hand sanitiser, and avoid touching our faces. 

*Can Guilds start meeting again?   The Government has issued the following advice coming into force for 4th July:   
Conditions to meet (Government rules coming into force for 4th July):
1. Groups of more than 30 cannot meet by law in any circumstances 
2. Groups of up to 6 people from different households can meet out doors.
3. 2 metre distancing should be observed at all times unless other measures are in place.
4. No physical contact.
5. No sharing plates or utensils, or paddling pools.
6. Avoid using other peoples toilets.
7. Wash hands, use sanitiser, wipe down surfaces visitors are likely to touch before they come and when they go.

Strictly speaking halls are allowed to reopen but there is a paragraph in the latest guidance which seems to  mean that basically you can only interact with one other person:

1.19 Can I attend an activity club or support group? (Government rules coming into force for 4th July):

Yes, you can. Premises such as activity clubs, community centres and youth clubs can reopen, and will need to follow COVID-19 Secure guidelines. You should only attend these in groups of up to two households (your support bubble counts as one household). We recognise that you may know other people in these venues but you should try to limit your social interaction to your own household or one other, to help to control the virus.

Owners of halls and community centres will have a duty to operate safely and are therefore able to set their own rules. We suggest asking the hall owner to let you know when they reopen and what rules they will follow. As many of the halls are run by voluntary organisations we think it highly likely that there will be no rush to re-open. When reopened the committee will need to arrange chairs so that they are at least 2m apart or 1 metre if members wear face coverings. The committee will be responsible for ensuring that rules set by the hall owners are followed. Careful consideration will be needed for the serving of refreshments.

Guilds might like to try meeting outside in groups of six but that won't always be possible.

The Government website is the best place for advice but always allow a day for updating after announcements - https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus

What about our AGM? 
Record a minute to the effect that the AGM has been deferred because of the Coronavirus – hold a brief AGM when meetings begin again. 

Committee meetings? 
With no Guild meetings these will not be needed. However, the committee should ensure that there is regular telephone contact with members. This can be achieved through buddy systems, telephone trees or round robins. Do encourage younger fitter members to take part in community support schemes if they are able to. 

Will the national office remain open?
The office has now been closed for the protection of our staff. Helen is on furlough and the remainder are doing as much of their work as possible from home.

All staff can access their emails from home and their direct phone lines. Full details of these can be found here

Our out of hours answer machine is switched on automatically but please do not leave a message we cannot access it until we re-open.

For this period any urgent post should be sent to Penny Ryan, 66 Fountain Road, London, SW17 0HQ.  All post received is now being forwarded to the appropriate person. 

What about National Events?
Our AGM has been cancelled for 2020 but remains in Scarborough for 2021 on Wednesday 16th June.

The Caring for Carers conference planned for August is being rescheduled for March 2021.

The Crown Green Bowls event will now take place in Summer 2021.

The National Quiz final has been postponed until 2021.

Can I get a refund for an event?
We hope that the majority will be able to transfer to the new dates. If you are unable to attend please make your refund application through the person who made the original booking. We need to know the Guild or Federation name and the bank account name, number and sort code. money can be paid to,We have no access to a cheque book.
Please also give a reason for the refund.

Can our affiliation fees be refunded?
No, although Guilds are not meeting we are still working on campaigns, events and the magazine, have rent to pay and salaries too. There is nothing to stop Guilds or Federations offering a refund for the closure period but only of their portion of the Sub.

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