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Keep Me Posted

Keep Me Posted

Twitter Hashtag: #KeepMePostedUK

Keep Me Posted is a partnership of representatives from charities, interest groups and business who have come together in the belief that we have a responsibility to fight for the consumer’s right to choose. Specifically, they seek to ensure that consumers are able to choose for themselves whether or not they would prefer to receive paper copies of bills, statements and other important communications from banks and service providers - and that those customers who choose paper copies are not charged or otherwise penalised for making that choice.

TG became involved with Keep Me Posted following our mandate passed in 2013:

Townswomen’s Guilds is concerned that the current reliance on modern technology leaves those who are unable to access and/or afford said technology at a disadvantage.

In 2014, National Trustee Jenny Thorne became a member of the Keep Me Posted Steering Group and has since remained TG's representative in this partnership, making sure we are aware of what is going on and how this campaign is progressing.

News and Key Moments

Cross party support for the consumer’s right to choose paper bills and statements in the House of Commons

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Taking Action

Keep Me Posted is always looking for case studies of those whose banks or other service providers are denying them the choice to receive paper bills or statements, charging them to be able to receive paper copies or are otherwise placing those who opt for paper bills and statements at a disadvantage compared to those who receive these on-line. They have also been investigating the difficulties that can be caused by opting for entirely paperless billing, particularly in the event of someone's death.

If you have any experiences you wish to share, you can either send them via Jenny Thorne (by the usual TGHQ address) or directly to Keep Me Posted, details below.


Keep Me Posted

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