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In continuing partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant, TG is supporting their current winter campaign to encourage people to sign up to the organ donor register. Keep reading to find out how you can help to support their efforts throughout the rest of December.

Around 6,500 people are waiting for an organ transplant across the UK. And while most people are in favour of organ donation, we are still facing a shortage that could see many people die for lack of a suitable organ to transplant.

Recent research has found that around 35% of people who want to be donors say they just "haven't got round" to joining the Organ Donor Register. And it is this fact that shapes NHSBT's current campaign that asks people to stop putting it off and make the commitment to donate.

Does this sound like you? Why not take just the next two minutes to register here so you can finally say you "have got around" to adding your name to the register. Does this sound like someone you know? Make sure to point them in the direction of this campaign, which can be traced on social media via #TimeToSign, so they know just what is at stake when they put off such a quick and simple task.

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