National General Knowledge Quiz Final 2016

More than 100 ladies came together to take part and support the 11 teams who had made it to the National Quiz Final. Question master for the day was Jenny Rideout, with other Trustees kindly distributing and collecting quiz papers and taking care of marking. Our timekeeper was former National Chairman Sue Smith, who kept us running to schedule.

After round five, the halfway mark, we had a short break for tea and coffee, which was very welcome, as chatting had made us thirsty! At this point, West Midlands Federation held the lead by a small margin – but there was still the second half to go!

With all 10 rounds completed, the winner was announced – and it was Chesterfield & District Federation that took the title for the third time. West Midlands Federation managed a solid second, and third was North Durham Federation.

Report by Marilyn Lawton, National Trustee

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