Papercraft Christmas Decoration -

Difficulty: 3 stars difficulty rating
You will need:

• template panels – one with lettering (choose from two designs) and one plain
• a printer
• a Swann-Morton scalpel handle number 3
• a Swann-Morton blade number 10A. Christine says: ‘These are surgical blades and need to be handled with care, so use a small pair of pliers to fit the blade to the handle and to remove. If you can, watch a video online about how to load a blade onto the handle.’
• an A4 cutting mat
• a piece of cream paper (about 100gsm) for each bauble
• a piece of festive coloured craft paper – such as brown manila, green or red – for each bauble
• a hole punch
• 20cm coordinating or contrasting coloured thread

Make your own papercraft baubles using these exclusive templates from designer, maker and teacher, Christine Green, featured in the Winter 2016 edition of Townswoman magazine.

What to do:

1. Print out the template panel for the lettering onto the cream paper.

2. Print out the plain template panel onto the coloured paper.

3. Making sure your hands are clean and dry, carefully cut out the areas marked with an ‘x’, starting with the smallest. Gradually move on to the larger areas, then cut around the edge of the template. Use a hole punch to remove the small circles at the top of the panels.

4. Cut out the coloured backing paper and place the lettering on top, lining up the holes at the top.

5. Pass the thread through both holes and knot the ends to form a loop, so you can hang your decoration.



See more of Christine’s work, and a list of upcoming shows and courses, at

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