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Friendship Evening

In November Lucille Ball started our get together with her song about Friendship which went, ‘If you’re ever in a jam, here I am…When other friendships have been forgot, Ours will still be hot’

The invitation to the evening had included a Friendship certificate which could be downloaded and given to a friend to thank them for their friendship. The idea came from a TG member who had been to the funeral of a friend and said that it made her realise it was a good idea to make time to tell our friends how much we value them while we can.

As well as songs and poems about friendship, there were reminiscences about childhood friends. Marilyn remembers that she had her first friend when she was about 3 or 4, just before starting school. She had been sent to a child minder where she made this friend who was called Jennifer. Pam still exchanged Christmas cards every year with a friend from schools. They live about 15 miles away from each other and keep saying that they are going to meet but never do. A lot of us agreed that this was the only way we stayed in touch with some friends but did dread some of the boastful round-robin letters which were included with them as we didn’t have anything as interesting or exciting to write back.

As well as real friends, there were a lot of memories about toys which were friends and other toys which were only to be looked at and not touched.

Janet has this painted straw and cloth doll

Geraldine searched for and found this rabbit

Beryl brought Rosemary, her 1950s walkie-talkie doll who was a Christmas present, who still has all her original outfits but has lost her voice

Judith showed us her papier mâché spill holders. Which, she was allowed to look at but not touch as a child, like Enid’s pigs which were pictured in the magazine.

Judith said that she had made new friends by joining in with TG Zoom meetings and events, which everyone else agreed with. The evening finished with another song which had a message about friendship and standing together. Rupert and the Frog song.

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