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Talks about remarkable women taken from our International Women's Day Celebration 2021


Penny Ryan (National Chair)  Introduction and Welcome


Jane Robinson    "Ladies can't climb ladders"


Pat Atkinson    "Touching the Untouchables"


Karen Moore (Trustee)   "Eliza Tinsley - Nail Mistress”


Julia Lalla- Maharajh  - Advocate, change maker, speaker


Barbara Cobain (Trustee)  "Mary Macarthur-the working woman’s Champion"


Maureen Brown (Trustee)  "Christiana Figueres (UNFCCC)"


 Lady Mary Peters  "Going for Gold"


Penny Ryan (National Chair)  "Mary Harris Smith “First female Chartered Accountant"


Marilyn Lawton (Trustee)  "Katherine Johnson NASA Mathematician" 


Alice Farnham & Alice Borrett  - Discussing women in music


Val Leivers  "Supporting Women and Girls in India"


Connie Nunn (Trustee)  - Violet Jessop “Miss Unsinkable"


Jean Watkins (Former Trustee)  "Irene Sendler – Nobel Prize nominee"


Lynda Young (Former Trustee)  "Norma Heigho – an amazing Townswoman"


Beryl Hales (Trustee)  "Dorothy Levitt – First British Female racing driver"


Penny Ryan (National Chair)  Closing Comments