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Associate membership

By becoming an associate member you will benefit from the following:
  • An Associate Member's badge
  • An Associate Member's ID number
  • An Associate Member's membership certificate
  • Insurance cover for any 'TG' events that you attend
  • Entitlement to enter all National Sports and Creative Leisure Events e.g. Crown Green Bowls
  • Entitlement to attend all National Events e.g. Carol Services, Annual General Meeting, Lunches and Conferences
  • Two issues of the 'Townswoman' magazine and four issues of the TG Together newsletter (distributed by email)
  • Access to campaigns through Topics in the Townswoman magazine
  • The new Public Affairs Booklet covering the TG procedure concerning mandates and a reference guide to topics covered in the past
  • A bi-annual Newsletter from TG Headquarters keeping you up to date with what's happening
  • Your own nominated National Trustee on the TG Board who can be contacted through TG Headquarters
  • Interactive web site with a private Member Services section giving access to useful information and documents
  • Ability to attend Guild meetings on payment of the local Visitor fee
  • Ability to be part of a TAG – Townswomen’s Associate Group.
  • Access to the Member only area and our I-guilds 

Sign up on-line:
Associate Membership Sign Up
Associate Membership Renewal


Complete and return the application form together with your cheque for £19.00 made payable to "Townswomen's Guilds". Send them to the address stated on the bottom of the form marked for the attention of Nancy Smith.

Associate Membership Form New Member 2023-24.pdf

Once your application has been processed you will receive a comprehensive welcome package.