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Tackling Discrimination: Miscellaneous campaigns

In 1993, TG passed the following mandate:

That the Townswomen's Guilds adopt a policy of equal opportunity, allowing TG to campaign on issues that discriminate directly or indirectly against women, without specific mandate. (e.g. childcare, DSS benefits).

This gives us the freedom to support campaigns which we do not have a direct mandate for, often through supporting other organisations who are campaigning against discrimination of a specific kind.

Current List  (please see news items for specifics)
WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality)
Women's Aid and Facebook collaborate to keep women safe online
EVAW speak out in response to Guardian headlines Appalling statistics show weaknesses in the CPS when handling rape cases
"Bystanders must be supported to take action when they fear domestic abuse" EVAW signs joint statement calling for people to take action if they think someone's safety is at risk
TG joins EVAW member forum on "The Human Rights Act and VAWG: Connecting the dots" EVAW coalition brought together member organisations to discuss concerns arising from the introduction of the Bill of Rights Bill